About the Comic
"Creatures of the Night" is the story of Drach, a vampire assassin and blacksmith who spends his afterlife hunting and killing supernatural creatures who cause disturbances and threaten to reveal their existence to humans. As a veteran assassin who usually likes to go solo, when he is suddenly assigned two apprentices - a smart-mouthed chupacabra and a stiff jiangshi - he must learn to work with his quirky new partners. 
The comic is a prequel/side story to a much longer, bigger comic I've been working on for a long time. I had the opportunity to create "Creatures of the Night" as a way to both explore my own characters and universe, and as a school project to get honors credit for a class I took on vampires and werewolves in Slavic folklore. Obviously the comic was not finished before the end of the semester, but I still got full marks, and aim to create a complete short story that I can share!

About the Author
Hi, I'm Jade Marmorstein, better known on the internet as sakohju. I quietly revealed my name on the cover of this comic. I'm an overworked computer science student, game developer, and self-taught artist with way too many ideas and not enough time to draw them all. I've been making art since the moment I came to life and I will never stop making art as long as I live. 

Special Thanks
A very special thanks to my sister for always supporting me, for being my editor and making sure my work is always the best it can be.
Thanks to my boyfriend, for also supporting me, for sitting there with me while I drew the cover and the first few pages of this comic the night before I needed to present it at school.
Special thanks to my professor, Dr. Anastasiia Gordiienko, for mentoring me and giving me a way to mix my creative and academic ambitions, and giving me the opportunity to create and showcase this comic. 

Other Ways to Support Me
If you like "Creatures of the Night", please consider supporting me! Whether it's by donation, buying something, or simply checking out more of my art and comics, your support is greatly appreciated and every little bit goes a long way in helping me continue to create! Below are some ways you can help me out:
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